Tramworks and The Mound

Princes street is currently the biggest building site in Edinburgh's beautiful city centre. With work progressing "slowly" on the contraversial tram project.

For those tourists that do arrive views of the castle from the shopping side of Princes Street are obscured by high fencing and access to the gardens and the mound are severly restricted. So it's a world of two halfs. If you're interested in shopping it's one side of the street. And photography and relaxation it's the other. And to combine the two it's a long walk to the east end, west end or the Mound to cross the

So what does this mean for the Mound.

In talking to one vendor at the Mound.
"numbers are down around 40% this year."
A big blow to him and the National Galleries; his neighbours.
The other reaction from the tourists he's getting is they had no idea this (The Tram Works) were happening."If they did know that Edinburgh was going to look like this, they would have stayed away."
And the message they seem to be taking away and will be passing on to those at home.
"Stay away until the work is finished."

So numbers this year might be good. With the £ not as strong as with previous years. But next year Edinburgh might just have a tourist drought

For this years Fringe and street performing at the Mound it could be just the boost that the galleries and the ice cream vendors are looking forward to. The Mound full of people instead of a large space almost devoid of tourists on a sunny afternoon.