Preparing For The Fringe 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for the Fringe 2009.

Are you coming to Edinburgh to visit.
Are you coming to Edinburgh to perform.

Well all going well I'll be back. Armed with a camera, again all going well.

So be prepared for another year of reports, reviews and loads of photos.

And now that I've got my new space on the web parked for later.

I have a space for all the people that would like their show promoted here.

All the best. 06/02/09 01:22

Dyslexia has it's advantages (12.5.9)

Not wanting to start another post I thought I'd add this little bit of information. Over the last few weeks one or two visitors have arrived at my many blogs while looking for images. Lucky for me it seems that the rest of the world is dyslexic. Having tagged images without checking the spelling I'll never get traffic to my blogs unless the person searching cant spell.

If I could spell I'd get more traffic, but the fun is getting traffic from those people who can't.

If you're interested do a google image search for contraversial and you'll see what i mean.

And for those of you that can't be bothered here are two of my three most popular images
that bring visitors to my blogs.

And the third image that brings people here is