All the Events and Action on the High Street 2011

New blog, new year covering all the events and action on the Royal Mile during the Edinburgh Fringe 2011, can be found by following the link below.


To everyone who finds themselves here. Thanks. To everyone who doesn't Sorry.

To those of you who helped in everything I do. Thanks.

To everyone who came to my party. Thanks, many thanks.

To all the people I respect on the street my greatest thanks. To my friends, "my family" (my new family- the community that matters), all my kindest wishes and greatest thanks without you I can't do what I do.

To my work for allowing me the time off to do this, thanks.

To Canon and Calumet. Thanks for your support.

Edinburgh Fringe Guide 2009 - The Compact Version

Giraffes Can't Dance
Blunderbus Theatre Company
The Spaces @ Royal College of Surgeons, Nicolson street.
Blunderbus Productions have been bringing colour and magic to the Fringe over the years. Their colourful characters a delight to all young and old. This is a must see show for those of you with young children to entertain.

Magic Porridge Pot
Sleeping Beauty and The Time Lords
Three Potter Pigs
Zombie Prom

Spotlites Theatre Production
Spotlites @ The Merchant Hall, 22 Hanover Street
Spotlites Theatre are the hardest working promotion theatre group during the Fringe. They spend almost as much time on the High Street as me. And it's that dedication to their art that gets them a place here. Shows for children that will keep the adults entertained too.

Chris Cross is Escaping From Reality
Chris Cross/ PBH's Free Fringe
The Voodoo Rooms, 19a West Register Street

The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)
Black and White Rainbow
Just The Tonic @ The Caves, Enter from The Rowantree Bar, 253 Cowgate

The Dark Party
The Dirty Brothers
Underbelly's Hullabaloo, George Square Gardens
Rising from the embers of The Happy Sideshow; Shep Huntly, Dirty PAT and the great Gordo Gamsby bring us a new show to temp fate with reality.
From my first viewing of what the Happy Sideshow I was hooked on that that was wicked. And wicked this will truly be.

Get Up Stand Up
WMD Awareness Programme/ Mirth Control
The Jazz Bar, 1a Chambers Street
The promotion team for Get Up Stand up are the hardest working group of pink t-shirted flyerer's on the Mile, in the shadow of St. Giles they promote entertainment, comedy and awareness to issues we sometimes tend to forget. Always slightly different something not to miss.

Ian Kendall's 18th Birthday Magic Show
Ian Kendall
The Zoo, 140 The Pleasance

Kiosk of Champions 2: Kiosk of Champions!
Pleasance Dome, Potterrow, 1 Bristo Square
Back at the Fringe with their sequel to Kiosks of Champions Stuart Goldsmith and Richard Sandling Prove there is life in a second coming. Sequels come and go this one's here to stay.

Seymour Mace and Peter Slater: Sundayland
CKP by Arrangement with Ashley Boroda Entertainment
Pleasance Courtyard, 60 Pleasance

Seymour Mace Presents Funshine!
Seymour Mace/ The Stand Comedy Club
The Stand Comedy Club II, 16 North St. Andrew Street
From the early days of my fringe life I ran into Seymour. Now he courts fame starring along side Johnny Vegas in Ideal on BBC3.

Mayhew: Live- Free
Laughing Horse @ The Counting House, 38 West Nicolson Street
Mayhew I missed the wet year; yes 2008. But this time they're back and in a dry venue.
Here because their passion for words inspired. And I'll do my best not to miss. So do yourself a favour don't miss them too.

For more dates and info on Mayhew visit their Myspace page.

In The Pink- Fabulous All Female Capella!
In The Pink
C, Chambers Street
I first ran into In The Pink a couple of years ago; just off the train and heading for the Mile. A delight to see and hear amid the hustle and bustle of the High Street. Oh so much better to listen to in the comfort of a theatre venue.

Doctor Faustus

Zigzag Creations

The Monkey House @ The Zoo

Stunning costumes and fabulous make up make this a show with the draw the High street needs.

Tramworks and The Mound

Princes street is currently the biggest building site in Edinburgh's beautiful city centre. With work progressing "slowly" on the contraversial tram project.

For those tourists that do arrive views of the castle from the shopping side of Princes Street are obscured by high fencing and access to the gardens and the mound are severly restricted. So it's a world of two halfs. If you're interested in shopping it's one side of the street. And photography and relaxation it's the other. And to combine the two it's a long walk to the east end, west end or the Mound to cross the

So what does this mean for the Mound.

In talking to one vendor at the Mound.
"numbers are down around 40% this year."
A big blow to him and the National Galleries; his neighbours.
The other reaction from the tourists he's getting is they had no idea this (The Tram Works) were happening."If they did know that Edinburgh was going to look like this, they would have stayed away."
And the message they seem to be taking away and will be passing on to those at home.
"Stay away until the work is finished."

So numbers this year might be good. With the £ not as strong as with previous years. But next year Edinburgh might just have a tourist drought

For this years Fringe and street performing at the Mound it could be just the boost that the galleries and the ice cream vendors are looking forward to. The Mound full of people instead of a large space almost devoid of tourists on a sunny afternoon.

Preparing For The Fringe 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for the Fringe 2009.

Are you coming to Edinburgh to visit.
Are you coming to Edinburgh to perform.

Well all going well I'll be back. Armed with a camera, again all going well.

So be prepared for another year of reports, reviews and loads of photos.

And now that I've got my new space on the web parked for later.

I have a space for all the people that would like their show promoted here.

All the best. 06/02/09 01:22

Dyslexia has it's advantages (12.5.9)

Not wanting to start another post I thought I'd add this little bit of information. Over the last few weeks one or two visitors have arrived at my many blogs while looking for images. Lucky for me it seems that the rest of the world is dyslexic. Having tagged images without checking the spelling I'll never get traffic to my blogs unless the person searching cant spell.

If I could spell I'd get more traffic, but the fun is getting traffic from those people who can't.

If you're interested do a google image search for contraversial and you'll see what i mean.

And for those of you that can't be bothered here are two of my three most popular images
that bring visitors to my blogs.

And the third image that brings people here is


Street Performers and The High Street

The High Street in August is a buzz of activity. With casts and crews promoting their shows. Flyer's of all colours and sizes change hands.

The crowds that flock to the High Street are drawn each and every year by the multitude of buskers and performers from all over the world.

These performers come to the High street because Edinburgh is the premier street performing Festival. Without them would there be the crowds, the buzz, the atmosphere that is central to the outdoor Fringe in Edinburgh.

The energy that they bring to the High street carries a price, normally a few £'s dropped into their hat. But such a small price to pay for what makes the High street the place to be during the run of the Fringe.

So what if there was no buzz. No roar of chainsaws, no cracking of whips, would the Fringe be the Fringe the people come to Edinburgh to see.
Would the people that spend their days wandering up and down the Royal Mile be there. Would they spend their money in the shops, coffee houses and bars that adorn the Mile? Or would they look somewhere further afield for the entertainment they truly desire in August.

Easter Weekend on the High Street

It could have been August on Saturday; apart from the fact it was dry and sunny. The High street was buzzing. The crowds of tourists had decended on Edinburgh on mass.

Chris Cross, Todd Various , Figo and Scott were on the High street performing.
Pop the baloon man was weaving his magic art.

Armed with a camera I found my balance not lost from last year and found a bollard that didn't wobble.

It may be only April, but with a bit of sun and the £ not as healthy as last year, my prediction is that we might just have a lot of people in Edinburgh this year. Might be a good idea to book now!

What's to say that June and July could be the new August for everyone.

Sunday 19th of April

The clouds broke again and the Sun finally showed it;s face on the High street. The High street was agin rocking to the blues.

Saturday had been cold and overcast. Sunday I just could not believe how warm it was in the sun.

Magic on the Mile.

In one small part of Edinburgh.

The sun was the spotlight for everyone.

The Canon G10 Compact

Over the last few years I've been using digital camera; but haven't owned one. Last week I took the plunge and bought my first digital camera.

I got the Canon G10. A compact camera with the specifications of a good digital SLR.

It will mean I'll not be quite as obvious on the High Street during the Festival. Not have as much to carry. And mean that I may just change the way I'll be shooting things during the Fringe. But every year with a different approach I can bring my unique outlook on what I do.

So bring on August Mr Brown's up for a new challenge.

First results are pretty impressive and produce bigger files than the cameras I've been using over the last few years; which is scary for a compact of it's size.

First impression of the camera are pretty good. There are loads of different things to play around with in terms of settings. So I have a month to get used to all it's idiosyncricities before the Fringe proper starts in August.

I've been taking photographs now for the best part of 25 plus years. But every day I do I run into situations I've not run into before.
The same with my camera equipment. There are things one camera can do, will do that another won't, etc.

So in buying my new Canon G10 compact I decided to give myself about a month of getting to know it. Finding my way round the buttons and dials. As well as the digital menus and sub menus.

Whether you own just one camera or have multiple bodies, my best advice is "make sure you know it works" even the best and most expensive camera might have a problem. And there's no point in buying one just before you do a truly important job.

Be prepared. Keep your instruction book to hand. And test, test, test to destruction before you do something that your reputation depends on.

You wouldn't buy a car to drive round the World the same day you start. So why do it with a camera.

If your lively-hood depends on it, why risk the humiliation of poor quality images or no images. Wouldn't it be better to have tested it first?

That's my advice to everyone, amateur and professional.

And still people out there in the real world don't follow these simple rules.

If you like the look of what the Canon G10 does why not

buy it now!

August 1st Crowds on the High Street

The Jazz and Blues Festival first Festival to start the ball rolling in Edinburghs Festival season.

The sun shone and street performers where there to take full advantage of the numbers on the High Street and at the Mound.

I ran into friends old and new. And apart from one or two random hiccups. Had a fantastic day.

If I have more days like this I'll not survive the Fringe.
My newest friends and aquantinces must have been a bit suprised when I wandered up and said you're Mayhew.

Had great fun listening to them and photographing them. I'd missed them last year. So I was there with bells on today.

I'd just spent a day working on my computer and listening to tracks on their myspace page.

The end of the day came and it was home to sort what I got today. To blog it and facebook it.

And start again tomorrow

August 2nd And it all Happens Here

Everyone comes to Edinburgh, because it's the venue to be seen in. A city that is a theatre under the sky. No other city has the architectural backdrop that makes a festival quite so special.