The Canon G10 Compact

Over the last few years I've been using digital camera; but haven't owned one. Last week I took the plunge and bought my first digital camera.

I got the Canon G10. A compact camera with the specifications of a good digital SLR.

It will mean I'll not be quite as obvious on the High Street during the Festival. Not have as much to carry. And mean that I may just change the way I'll be shooting things during the Fringe. But every year with a different approach I can bring my unique outlook on what I do.

So bring on August Mr Brown's up for a new challenge.

First results are pretty impressive and produce bigger files than the cameras I've been using over the last few years; which is scary for a compact of it's size.

First impression of the camera are pretty good. There are loads of different things to play around with in terms of settings. So I have a month to get used to all it's idiosyncricities before the Fringe proper starts in August.

I've been taking photographs now for the best part of 25 plus years. But every day I do I run into situations I've not run into before.
The same with my camera equipment. There are things one camera can do, will do that another won't, etc.

So in buying my new Canon G10 compact I decided to give myself about a month of getting to know it. Finding my way round the buttons and dials. As well as the digital menus and sub menus.

Whether you own just one camera or have multiple bodies, my best advice is "make sure you know it works" even the best and most expensive camera might have a problem. And there's no point in buying one just before you do a truly important job.

Be prepared. Keep your instruction book to hand. And test, test, test to destruction before you do something that your reputation depends on.

You wouldn't buy a car to drive round the World the same day you start. So why do it with a camera.

If your lively-hood depends on it, why risk the humiliation of poor quality images or no images. Wouldn't it be better to have tested it first?

That's my advice to everyone, amateur and professional.

And still people out there in the real world don't follow these simple rules.

If you like the look of what the Canon G10 does why not

buy it now!