August 1st Crowds on the High Street

The Jazz and Blues Festival first Festival to start the ball rolling in Edinburghs Festival season.

The sun shone and street performers where there to take full advantage of the numbers on the High Street and at the Mound.

I ran into friends old and new. And apart from one or two random hiccups. Had a fantastic day.

If I have more days like this I'll not survive the Fringe.
My newest friends and aquantinces must have been a bit suprised when I wandered up and said you're Mayhew.

Had great fun listening to them and photographing them. I'd missed them last year. So I was there with bells on today.

I'd just spent a day working on my computer and listening to tracks on their myspace page.

The end of the day came and it was home to sort what I got today. To blog it and facebook it.

And start again tomorrow