Street Performers and The High Street

The High Street in August is a buzz of activity. With casts and crews promoting their shows. Flyer's of all colours and sizes change hands.

The crowds that flock to the High Street are drawn each and every year by the multitude of buskers and performers from all over the world.

These performers come to the High street because Edinburgh is the premier street performing Festival. Without them would there be the crowds, the buzz, the atmosphere that is central to the outdoor Fringe in Edinburgh.

The energy that they bring to the High street carries a price, normally a few £'s dropped into their hat. But such a small price to pay for what makes the High street the place to be during the run of the Fringe.

So what if there was no buzz. No roar of chainsaws, no cracking of whips, would the Fringe be the Fringe the people come to Edinburgh to see.
Would the people that spend their days wandering up and down the Royal Mile be there. Would they spend their money in the shops, coffee houses and bars that adorn the Mile? Or would they look somewhere further afield for the entertainment they truly desire in August.